The Peacemakers Evangelical Ministries (PEM)is a non-denominational organization committed to the principles of evangelizing the lost and disciplining the saved, by communicating the revelation of God with the demonstration of power and physical manifestations. PEM has been actively involved in ministry to targeted groups and outreaches in the form of door to door evangelism, revival and crusade programs, youth training and counseling, singles and couples ministries, disciplining new converts, Church leadership training, teaching tapes, musical CD production, Christian concerts, Christian drama and movie ministry, distribution of food to the hungry in developing society, Bibles, Gospel tracts, books, periodic newsletters and other forms of publications. PEM radio ministry to begin shortly on WMCA 570AM every Saturdays from 8-8:30pm.

PEM was established on September 9th, 1989 at Ibadan, Nigeria with Dr. Yemi Adedeji as the visionary and president along with eight other Christian friends. God randomly brought together nine of His children on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 1989. On that day heaven opened over the venue of meeting it was prophesied that this ministry would reach the ends of the world. During the years of 1997 and 1998, PEM was involved in village evangelism, Church planting and development project in the beautiful Island of Saint Lucia. During this period, food and clothing was freely given to the villagers and a new Bible was given to every one who gave their life to the Lord. Because some new converts could not read or write, PEM was involved in signing them up for the adult literacy program organized by the government. PEM was later established in the United States of America on May 9th, 2000, having members and volunteer workers from different churches and ministries who conduct and participate in the monthly Reconciliation Power Outreach, annual Christian Singles Fellowship and Couples Forum.

In 2 Corinthians 5:18 we read “And all things are of God, Who has reconciled us to Himself by Christ Jesus, and has given to us the ministry of RECONCILIATION.” PEM is therefore dedicated to revealing the knowledge of the glory of the Lord to all nations. PEM has organized outreaches and has been invited to minister in different places including different parts of Nigeria, the Caribbean, Ireland and several States in America. We are motivated to fully equip God’s covenant children for enrollment in the end time army of God.

Yemi and Shola Adedeji
Yemi and Shola Adedeji

Dr. Adeyemi and Shola Adedeji were born in Nigeria, West Africa, met and married in America. They both came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior while they were teenagers. Under the guidance of his mother, Pastor Comfort Adedeji, Adeyemi was given a new Gideon’s Bible in 1981 and was mandated to read this treasured possession as often as possible. With constant motherly motivation he completed the Bible within three years and in the space of six years he completed the entire Bible trice, while still under 19 years of age. His father, Bishop Joseph Adedeji played a great role in future guidance and direction for his ministry. He is Patron Elect for PEM. Shola’s motivation came from a strong family root in the Christian faith, which included mandatory Church attendance several times a week. She is an anointed soloist, worship leader, song writer and recording artist.

Yemi Adedeji, as he is commonly known, is on the Pastoral staff of Christ Glory International Ministries, Headquartered in Irvington, NJ. He ministers one Sunday a month there but holds weekly Covenant Holy Ghost services every Thursday from 7-8:30pm on the Church premises.

Yemi and Shola Adedeji are blessed with sons and daughters.


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